Catie’s Art Auction

This Friday, April 8th, we will be hosting a silent auction for our last month’s artist, Catie. She is fundraising for a missions trip to Guatemala, and will be in the conference room auctioning off her work from 6 – 9 pm. There will be $5 glasses of wine, as well as $1 Italian Sodas at the counter. Come support Catie!

Catie's Art

        Catie’s Artist Statement

“Hello, my name is Catie Hawkins. I am currently attending Middle School. My life is pretty typical I think. I live with my mom, dad, brother, and two dogs. I use art as a way to calm myself. As you may know if you are going to or have gone to 7th grade there is too much drama. “ Oh my gosh I cant believe you did that.” “ You’re not invited to my birthday party.” So when this happens I come home and paint.

         I have many artistic inspirations but they are all important. Some paintings are about current events, and society today. Some are about landscapes or places that I think about when I am angry. Others are about my friends, and some are about my fears; one big one being the horrible car accident I was in last year.

         When naming my art I often think about what the painting is about and use an unexpected noun corresponding with the theme.

Example: Decibels, Unity, Community, Emma, and Fears.

   I am doing an art show for two main reasons. Number one, I would like to go on a mission trip with my church to Guatemala and build houses, and I need 1,000 dollars to go. Number two, I am saving money for college and a car when I need those two things and anything that doesn’t go to Guatemala will go to my college or car fund.”







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  1. Ana Franklin says:

    I’m interested in possibly hosting a small Argentine Tango event in your conference room. It would mean removing all furniture. Argentine Tango is a wonderful way to enjoy good music and other people without all the small talk. It is, for me both Art and Therapy and I think a great way to stay human and connect with other earthlings. Or it could be in the open area near the back doors (but not outside). We could have 20 or so people, with our own sound, of course. Possible date would be June 24th, or July 29th, Saturday evening, with a Sunday afternoon follow-up party. Our group dances for free at a coffee shop in Lawrence each week, and we buy food while there. Any chance any of this could happen at Bluestem? We want a nice clean floor, and we sometimes put baby powder on the floor for better danceability.

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